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Gympie Pet Supplies


Gympie Pet Supplies stocks a large range fish, tanks and all the accessories you need.

They also carry birds, aviaries and bird cages, plus a variety of pet accessories for dogs and cats as well as pet food. We understand how important your pets are to you, and this is why we stock high quality products and offer helpful service and advice to ensure all your pets needs are met.
Owned and operated by Sue Kerridge, a long time resident of the area, Sue is always on hand to assist with her vast knowledge of fish, birds, cats and dogs. Visit Sue and the helpful and friendly staff for efficient service and after-sales advice to help you care for your pets.
We have a great range of tropical fish, goldfish, aquariums, fish food and supplies.
With more than 100 fish tanks, we stock a large variety tropical fish and goldfish including tetras, African & American cichlids, Chinese & fancy goldfish and a wide range of other fish.
We also keep a wide variety of products in stock including heaters, lights, tanks, water conditioners, treatments and fish food.
We source most of our fish stock from Bay Fish who are one of the largest wholesale suppliers with over 1500 varieties available. They supply us with with quality fish that are consistently healthy, well sized and coloured.
Many people enjoy the company of birds and have them as companions for years. Each bird is different with its own way of communicating with you but they require love and lots of care just as all pets do.
Some are noisy and want to be part of your life while others are quieter and are happy to sit near a window and watch the world.  Before you buy a bird come and talk to us about the space you have and the time to devote to the care and feeding and we will advise on the best companion for you.
Other birds available include:

  • Budgerigars
  • Zebra Finches
  • Java Sparrows
  • Lovebirds
  • Quarrion
  • Cockatiels

Bird food and seed blends are kept in stock for your special feathered friends. Gympie Pet Supplies have a large storage area and this enables us to keep a great selection of larger bird cages.

Large display of fresh water, tropical, gold fish, cichlid and native fish. Mexican walking fish with loads of personality and Mexican fighting fish in a vast array of colours. Accessories galore to decoration your underwater haven for fishy friends.

Beautiful plants and ornaments, including some speciality items such as the TARDIS from Dr Who or a London bus. Come in and explore our wonderful selection of aquariums, from small kits through to custom made stands and tanks. We have everything you need to create the perfect home for your fish.

  • Tanks
  • Fish
  • Decor
  • Ornaments
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Lighting
  • Tank Backing
Although we no longer sell puppies and kittens we do have everything you may need to keep you furry friends happy, well feed and healthy.
A comfy bed to lay their head, a collar and lead so they may follow, flea and tick treatments to stop the itch, shampoo and conditioner to keep them smelling sweet. Combs and brushes to keep their coats luscious, toys a plenty to keep their joints active and their hearts happy.
Nail clippers and dog harnesses to keep them safe in the car. Our range is extensive and every changing but the most important thing we offer is care.
We care about your precious animals just as you do and are happy to help with advice and guidance about all aspects of your pets care. Come in and see Sue and the friendly staff at Gympie Pet Supplies.
We stock quality pet food from Advance and Meals for Mutts. Both have a range for cats and dogs and in a variety of different levels to suit where your pet is in age, weight and activity level.
Are staff are on hand to assist you choose the right for your animal. For example meals for Mutts cat food uses Kangaroo & Turkey which is Hypoallergenic and Gluten Free.
The kangaroo has been sourced sustainably, responsibly and ethically. This is important to the Meals for Mutts company but also to us as a retailer.
We want to offer you the best products all round. Kangaroo is a very popular flavour for both dogs & cats, kangaroo offers the highest level of protein of any of the meat types and is not only rich in omega-6 fatty acids and essential amino acids, but an excellent source of dietary zinc, iron and other minerals and is also very digestible.
Turkey is an alternative to the common flavours and perfect for cats with allergies, turkey offers a natural, healthy protein with similar nutrient profiles as those of chicken.
The same applies to their dog food range it is also Hypoallergenic and Gluten Free. Using the best available product to both tempt and nourish your canine friend.
Kangaroo and Lamb, Salmon and Sardine, Duck and Turkey, Grain Free, High Performance,to mane a few. There is a link to the company here so you can see the full range and to help you decide which you would like to buy.